Development of Football is a Contribution to the Health and Sports Future of the Region


Football is the most popular sports game on the planet in general and in Ukraine in particular. So it is not surprising that this kind of sport is the most actively developed in Zhytomyr region.

For several years already, the founder of “Vivad 09” Ltd. Ihor Khodak has been a general partner and a permanent sponsor of NGO “Zhytomyr Rayon Football Federation” and is involved in all activities and charity events.

In particular, the philanthropist supported the charitable project “Give Balls to Pupils”, when the sports equipment is given to the educational institutions of Zhytomyr region. Balls have already been awarded to schools in Troyaniv, Kodnya, Singury, Lishchyn, Berezivka, and others.

Also, as a main partner Ihor Khodak arranges competitions of predictionists, the purpose of which is to guess the score of the football match specified by the organizers, and he confers the title “The Best Round Player”.

Apart from the Zhytomyr regional football federation, Ihor Khodak has been supporting and financially helping to the amateur football team “Zorya” for five years, which represents the small homeland of the philantropist – the village of Vrublivka in Romaniv district.

Ihor Khodak admits: “Frankly speaking, I’m not a football fan. However, I really like the fact that this team game does not promote sports and healthy lifestyle only, but it also unites people, groups them around common interests. And despite the fact that I am not a footballer, yet I use some, so to speak, “laws” of football in my life, namely: team is the main thing. No matter how brilliant a player is, without like-minded people, without a concerted team game it is impossible to win.”

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