Development of Environmental Policy as a Priority of Political Activity


From 2015 Ihor Khodak is a member of the Standing Commission of the Zhytomyr Regional Council on Ecology, Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, which activities are aimed at implementing the state policy of Ukraine in the field of environmental protection, the use of natural and economic features of the region.

The commission’s activities are aimed at:

– improvement of the environment of the region by reducing discharges of polluted waste water into water bodies and the negative impact of industrial and domestic waste on the environment;

– provision of ecological safety of the territory of the region;

– protection and improvement of the environment;

– rational use and reproduction of natural resources through the implementation of a set of scientifically based environmental and resource-saving measures;

– mobilization of material and financial resources;

– carrying out educational and scientific activities, involving the public in environmental actions through environmental informing and education of the population;

– creating a geosystem of environmental monitoring.

Ihor Khodak’s election program includes a separate item on the reform of environmental policy. The proposals include the implementation and support of legislative initiatives for the urgent solution of Ukraine’s major environmental problems, namely poor-quality drinking water, polluted air, land degradation, domestic waste, etc.

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