Program of a candidate for the people’s deputies of Ukraine


Dear fellow countrymen !

I, Ihor Khodak, being aware of my responsibility before you, Ukraine and God, sincerely striving for long-awaited changes for the country, am going to become a people’s deputy in order to fulfill our hopes.

We deserve a decent, prosperous and European life !

I intend to introduce changes, I feel the power to break the old system, being a politician of a new formation. For this I have experience, knowledge and energy, and most importantly – the desire to work for the benefit of people and Ukraine!

I promise to be a professional, honest and decent representative of the community in the government !

My program is a plan of definite, comprehensive changes in the interests of people.

Along with this, I define the following steps as my priority and duty:

1. Legislative actions to strengthen the Ukrainian state, combat capability of the Ukrainian Army and to increase its defense capability.

Ensuring social and economic protection of military personnel, participants of the antiterrorist operation and their families’ members, increase of state funding for the needs of the army and defenders of the fatherland.

2. Fighting corruption as the greatest enemy of statehood.

Maximum open access to information on expenditure of public funds and transparent formation and distribution of funds of the State road Fund. Elimination of state administrations and a number of duplicating and controlling state institutions. Cancellation of the Institute of the immunity of the President, deputies and judges of all levels.

3. Legislative initiatives in support of small and medium-sized businesses.

Improving the investment climate. Reduction of tax pressure on enterprises and preservation of the simplified taxation system for individual entrepreneurs. Protection against unreasonable controlls.

4. Repair and construction of roads.

Control over the budgeting and the quality of roads repair. Implementation of the state program “Road to Every Village”.

5. Introduction of territorial accessibility of the medical reform.

Adaptation of the medical reform to the needs of communities. Preservation and maintenance of the network of paramedic and obstetric stations and medical ambulatories with modern medical equipment and transport. Increased financing of the State Program “Available medicines” and expansion of its scope.

6. Implementation of the powers of local authorities.

Providing real rights and maximum financial resources to local governments and local communities.

7. Development of the branch of social protection of the population.

Personal legislative initiatives on the implementation of the fair pension reform. The reduction of gas prices for the population and reasonable tariffs for other utilities. Support for initiatives concerning new cultural-spiritual and sports-recreation projects.

8. Reforming of the environmental policy.

Implementation and support of legislative initiatives for the urgent solution of the most important environmental problems in Ukraine: poor drinking water, polluted air, land degradation, domestic waste, etc.

My program is always open for your initiatives and suggestions. I guarantee systematic reporting to you for each of my deputies actions. I do not give promises to please. My principle is not words but deeds!

New people have to revive the country. And this will be your new choice.

Let’s change Ukraine together !

Any questions ?