Zhytomyr hosted a tournament of mini-football team teams with the support of Ihor Khodak


On Saturday, July 13, with the support of the candidate for deputies Ihor Khodak in Zhytomyr, a mini-football team squad tournament took place.

The event was held on the sports ground of the Zhytomyr general secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees № 16. In the first part of the tournament, 4 children’s yard teams competed: Zelenka, Kik, Sportiki and Puma, and footballers – children under the age of 18.

Played on the principle of “all with everyone”, that is, in general, there were 6 games, each team played in 3 matches. After the main part in the match came two adult teams, the average age of players – 40 years.

“All participants in the current tournament are local residents, that is, those who live in the surrounding buildings,” says public figure Alexander Prus. – To participate we invited children to form teams and play them on their own. This is a very popular game in our area; dozens of games are played on this field every day. Children play “court yard”, and although this is yard football, yet the competition is held on all football rules. ”

According to the results of the competition, “Sportiki” won the first place, the second – “Puma”, the third – “Zelenka”. Each team received prizes from the sponsor of Igor Hodak competition – football balls. In addition, they marked the gifts of the best scorer and goalkeeper of the competition, they became Yuri Bondarchuk and Daniel Zhmurschuk.

“For the first time already, being the general sponsor of the Zhytomyr regional football federation, I support the development of football in the region. And I am incredibly pleased that today this game does not lose its popularity among the younger generation. Such “court yard” matches remind me of the times of my youth when I and my friends kicked the ball, so the organization of this tournament presented a pleasant nostalgia. I am deeply convinced that it is precisely from street football that professional footballers who devote this game to life then go out”, said candidate Ihor Khodak.

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