Ihor Khodak promised to support the initiative to unite the Ivanopolsky and Malovolitskaya communities


The united community is an effective, understandable and convenient for the inhabitants system of territory management. A country that consists of such strong communities, it is difficult to loosen both inside and out.

On July 2, an extraordinary session of the Ivanopil Village Council was held, at which the question of uniting the urban-type village of Ivanopol and the village of Malaya Volitsa in Chudnovsky District into one community was considered.

The deputies turned to Ihor Khodak as a deputy of the Zhytomyr regional council, since now, according to the community merger plan, Ivanopol must join the Berdychiv district, contrary to the interests of the residents.

“My mission in this matter is to show the position of the deputy of the regional council and assist in the unification of the Malovolitskaya and Ivanopol communities, as people want. During the meeting, the deputies supported this issue unanimously, so my task is to help unite and initiate changes to the prospective community education plan”, said Ihor Khodak.

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