“Children are the Best Investment”: Helping to Educational Institutions as an Integral Part of Charitable Activity


One of the important directions of Ihor Khodak’s charitable activity is education. Furniture, equipment, construction materials, etc. are regularly purchased for the needs of educational institutions.

The major philanthropic project in 2018 in the field of education was the repair of the educational institution “Romaniv Gymnasium”. The renovation of the premises lasted for several years both at the expense of the local budget and at the expense of charitable contributions. In particular, in August 2018, congratulating Romaniv and the guests of the village on the Independence Day of Ukraine, Ihor Khodak allocated 500.000 UAH for repair of the educational institution.

“I decided to direct money to our future, to the young flowers of the Romaniv region – our children, because it is the best investment. And now they and their teachers need this investment. The educational process should take place under the appropriate conditions so that learning at school brings joy to children, and confidence in our future and the future of the state – to parents”, – said Ihor Khodak during the welcoming speech.

At the expense of the philanthropist, the biology classroom, the stairs were repaired.

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