VIVAD 09 Ltd. is one of the Leaders in the Wood Processing Industry of Ukraine


VIVAD 09 Ltd. is a powerful enterprise located in the village of Romaniv of Zhytomyr region and is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian wood processing industry. The company is engaged in the processing of oak and production of various types of products, namely: lamellas, industrial parquet, mosaic parquet, sawn wood (timber), fuel briquettes, and chipped wood for ignition. About 700 workers produce this high-quality European-level product. “VIVAD 09” sells 99% of its products mainly to European countries.

All raw materials for the products of the company are 100% legal, officially acquired at auctions for the sale of unprocessed timber. This is confirmed by the fact that all the company’s products are certified, in particular certificate – this is a reputable European certification system. European certificate can be obtained by the companies that have been thoroughly checked that the raw materials are obtained legally or that they are obtained taking into account ecological and other environmental considerations.

The production process at VIVAD 09 Ltd. is waste-free. This became possible due to the fact that the company rationally uses raw materials, and produces the actual solid fuel – fuel briquettes from the production waste.

VIVAD 09 Ltd. is created exclusively on the money of the owner of the company, therefore, unlike many other successful enterprises, it is 100% Ukrainian. The company together with its own employees creates new production technologies. This allows the workers to develop and independently improve their work, making it more efficient and comfortable.

VIVAD 09 Ltd. continuously progresses; the enterprise constantly invests funds, expands production and uses modern equipment. Increasing volumes and high quality products testify that the company is approaching one of its key goals – absolute leadership in the wood processing industry of Ukraine.

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