The Top Management of VIVAD 09 Ltd. Visited the World's Largest Woodworking Exhibition “LIGNA Hannover”


The woodworking industry, like any other industry, needs a constant exchange of experience, technologies and ideas among people who devote their professional life to this area. Every two years professionals of the wood processing industry from all over the world gather in Hanover (Germany) at the exhibition «LIGNA Hannover».

LIGNA is the largest specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for the timber and wood processing industry in the world. In 2019 there were about 90 thousand visitors from 100 countries. Also, 1500 companies from 50 countries have demonstrated their most significant achievements, including modern equipment and innovative technologies for the wood processing industry. The area of the exhibition “LIGNA Hannover” is impressive, it is 129 thousand square meters.

All the most powerful woodworking companies in the world consider it for their duty to visit this truly impressive and authoritative world exhibition. In May 2019, one of the most powerful woodprocessing enterprises in Ukraine – VIVAD 09 Ltd. visited the exhibition “LIGNA Hannover”. In Hanover, the general director of VIVAD 09, Ihor Khodak and the company’s top managers met with the world’s best manufacturers of woodprocessing equipment. In particular, with such prominent producers as Mühlböck (Austria), Panto (Italy), Weinig (Germany), Ledinek (Slovenia), Schröder (Germany), Friulmac SpA (Italy), Wintersteiger (Germany).

All the world exhibitions are a place where companies get acquainted with achievements of each other, and also build new partnership relations, which, as experience shows, grow into decades of reliable cooperation. The representatives of “VIVAD 09” also got acquainted with new companies, which, in turn, have discovered the Ukrainian company which quality of products is admired by dozens of leading world woodprocessing companies.

Ihor Khodak and his colleagues felt at the LIGNA exhibition how important it is to meet with professionals from all over the world, whose technologies and ideas are ahead of time. Therefore, after the visit to Hanover, the team of “VIVAD 09” is planning to improve their production, to expand the range of partners, and also to give their employees the opportunity to feel that they are working for a powerful woodworking company of a European level.

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